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Fargo (FX) “Loplop”  Writer: Bob De Laurentiis,); Director: Keith Gordon; Executive Producers: John Cameron, Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, Noah Hawley (Created For Television By, Warren Littlefield; Producers: Michael Frislev, Chad Oakes, Kim Todd; Co-Producers: Leslie Cowan, Gerrit Furutani; Consulting Producers: Steve Blackman, Robert De Laurentiis, Ben Nedivi, Matt Wolpert

11.22.63 (Hulu) “The Rabbit Hole” (Bad Robot Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television) Writers: Bridget Carpenter (Developed For Television By) (Teleplay By) | Stephen King (Based On The Novel By); Director: Kevin Macdonald; Executive Producers: Bridget Carpenter, J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Kevin Macdonald, Stephen King; Co-Executive Producers: Quinton Peeples, Kathy Lingg, Brian Nelson; Producers: Joseph Boccia, James Franco; Consulting Producer: Joe Henderson

WINNER Flesh and Bone (Starz Networks) Cannon Fodder” Written by: Moira Walley-Beckett; Director: Joshua Marston; Executive Producers: Moira Walley-Beckett, Lawrence Bender, John Melfi, Kevin Kelly Brown; Supervising Producers: Adam Rapp, David Wiener, Jami O’Brien; Producer: Donna E. Bloom; Co-Producers: Tiffany Hayzlett Parker, Lori Slomka

The Girlfriend Experience (Starz) “Provocation” Writers: Lodge Kerrigan, (Created By), Amy Seimetz, (Created By); Writer: Amy Seimetz; Director: Amy Seimetz; Executive Producers: Jeff Cuban, Philip Fleishman, Lodge Kerrigan, Gary Marcus, Amy Seimetz, Steven Soderbergh

American Horror Story: Hotel ” (FX) “Battle Royale Writer: Ned Martel (Written by); Director: Michael Uppendahl; Executive Producers: Ryan Murphy, (Created By), Brad Falchuk (Created By), Jennifer Salt, Alexis Martin Woodall, Bradley Buecker, James Wong, Tim Minear; Co-Producer: Ned Martel; Producer: Robert M. Williams Jr.



Anika Noni Rose  Roots
WINNER Jean Smart Fargo “Fear and Trembling”
Riley Keough The Girlfriend Experience “Provocation”
Kirsten Dunst Fargo “Loplop”
Sarah Hay Flesh and Bone Cannon Fodder”



WINNER Outlander (Starz) “Dragonfly in Amber” Writers: Diana Gabaldon,(Based On The Series Of Books Written By),Ronald D. Moore, (Developed By), Toni Graphia, (Written For Television By), Matthew B. Roberts, (Written For Television By); Director: Philip John; Executive Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Maril Davis, Toni Graphia, Anne Kenney, Ronald D. Moore; Co-Executive Producer: Matthew B. Roberts; Producer: David Brown; Co-Producers: Elicia Bessette, Michael O'Halloran

UnREAL (Lifetime) “Insurgent” Writers: Marti Noxon, (Created By), Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, (Created by), Stacy Rukeyser, Janine Nabers, (Executive Story Editor); Director: Peter O'Fallon; Executive Producers: Marti Noxon, Carol Barbee, Sally DeSipio, Adam Kane, Peter O'Fallon, Stacy Rukeyser, Robert M. Sertner, Sarah Gertrude Shapiro; Producer: Lily Hui; Co-Producers: Ariana Jackson, Jason Neese, Scott J. Wallace

The Americans (FX Network) “Persona Non Grata”; Writers: Joe Weisberg (Created By), Joel Fields; Director: Chris Long; Executive Producer: Justin Falvey Joel Fields, Darryl Frank, Joseph Weisberg, Graham Yost, Chris Long; Co-Executive Producer: Stephen Schiff; Producer: Mary Rae Thewlis, Co-Producers: David Woods, Tracey Scott Wilson

The Path (Hulu) “The Miracle” Writer: Jessica Goldberg (Created by); Director: Michael Weaver; Executive Producers: Michelle Lee, Jason Katims, Jessica Goldberg; Co-Executive Producer: Annie Weisman; Supervising Producer: Julia Brownell; Producers: Coleman Herbert, Aaron Paul, Devin Rich, Diana Schmidt, Michael Weaver



Caitriona Balfe Outlander “Vengeance is Mine”
Vera Farmiga Bates Motel “Forever”
Constance Zimmer UnREAL “Fugitive”
WINNER Rhea Seehorn Better Call Saul “Switch”
Michelle Monaghan The Path “The Miracle”



Sisterhood of Hip Hop (Oxygen Media) “None of Your Business” (Produced by 51 Minds) Executive Producers: Christian Sarabia, T.I., Abby Wilson, Angela Aguilera

WINNER I Am Jazz (TLC) “All About Jazz” Executive Producers: John Hein, Aengus James, David St. John, Nancy Mackenzie, Colin King Miller; Co-Executive Producers: Sarah Levine, Shanta Mayes; Senior Story Producer: Carrie Vandiver Skor

Total Divas (E! Entertainment) “Talk of the Town” Executive Producers: Jeff Jenkins, Gil Goldschein, Russell Jay; Co-Executive Producer: Russ Friedman; Supervising Story Producer: Elise Chung; Supervising Editor: Brandon Beck, Senior Producer: Heather Ronkoske; Supervising Producer: Eric Monsky; Field Producers: Sarah Hurley, Kristen Kelley, Shane Burk;Senior Segment Producer: Kim Ofria; Segment Producers: Brooke Parsons, Annie West

Good Bones (HGTV) Executive Producers:Jim Berger, Scott Feeley, Glenna Stacer Sayles; Co-Executive Producer: Nicole Solomon; Supervising Field Producer: Mary Beth Anderson; Line Producer: Leslie Wilson: Field Producer: Stuart Peck



WINNER The Bella Twins (Brianna Garcia, Nicole Garcia) Total Divas “Talk of the Town”
Karen E Laine Good Bones
Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper
Jazz Jennings I Am Jazz “All About Jazz”
Mina Starsiak Good Bones



Younger (TV Land) “Like a Boss” Writers: Darren Star (Created for Television by); Dottie Dartland Zicklin, Eric Zicklin, Pamela Redmond Satran, (Based on the Book by), Brandy Barber, (Contributing Writer), Ashley Skidmore; Director: Peter Lauer; Executive Producer: Darren Star; Producers: Lilly Burns, John Skidmore

WINNER Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW) (CBS TV Studios) “Josh Just Happens to Live Here!” Writers: Rachel Bloom (Created By), Aline Brosh McKenna (Created By); Director: Marc Webb; Executive Producers: Marc Webb, Rachel Bloom, Aline Brosh McKenna, Erin Erhlich; Co-Executive Producers: Sarah Caplan, Michael Hitchcock; Producers: Audrey Wauchope, Rachel Specter

Casual (Hulu) “Trivial Pursuit” Writers: Director: Jason Reitman; Zander Lehmann (Created By), Molly Smith Metzler (Executive Story Editor) , Harris Danow, (Story Editor); Executive Producers: Liz Tigelaar, Helen Estabrook, Zander Lehmann, Jason Reitman; Co-Producers: Marguerite MacIntyre, James O. Kerry; Producer: Kent Zbornak

Survivor’s Remorse (Starz) “Survivor’s Remorse” Writers: Marquita Robinson (Story By), Benjamin F. Neivert (Teleplay By), Brendan O'Malley (Teleplay By), Mike O'Malley (Created By), Lauren Houseman (Story Editor), Owen H.M. Smith (Story Editor), Allen Maldonado, Rachelle R. Williams, Lamar Woods; Director: Mike Mariano; Executive Producer: Mike O'Malley; Co-Producer: Sully O'Shea Read

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (Bravo) “Rule #605: You CAN Go Home Again”  Robert Duncan McNeill: Director; Writers: Marti Noxon (Created By) , Paul Adelstein, Vicki Iovine (Inspired By The "Girlfriends' Guide" Book Series By); Executive Producers: Marti Noxon, Carol Barbee, Vicki Iovine, Meryl Poster, Robert Duncan McNeill; Co- Producers: Kate Fenske, Adam Milch; Consulting Producer: Dawn Olmstead;  Producers: Paul Adelstein, Clara George, Drew Matich, Ilene Rosenzweig



Erica Ash Survivor’s Remorse “The Thank-You Note”
Sutton Foster Younger “Like A Boss”
WINNER Lisa Edelstein Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce “Rule #605:  You CAN Go Home Again”
Rachel Bloom Crazy Ex-Girlfriend “Josh Just Happens to Live Here!”
Michaela Watkins Casual “Trivial Pursuit”



WINNER Helen Shaver Vikings “Yol”
Shiri Appleby UnREAL “Casualty”
Millicent Shelton Survivor's Remorse “Mystery Team”
Amy Seimetz The Girlfriend Experience “Provocation”
Larysa Kondracki Power “Don’t Worry Baby”



Janet Grillo Jack of the Red Hearts
WINNER Louise Osmond Dark Horse
Meera Menon Equity
Rebecca Miller Maggie’s Plan



Amy Seimetz "The Girlfriend Experience
Diana Gabaldon Outlander “Vengeance Is Mine”
Bridget Carpenter 11.23.63 “The Rabbit Hole”
Jessica Goldberg The Path “The Miracle”
WINNER Lauren Houseman, Rachelle R. Williams Survivor’s Remorse “Mystery Team”
Moira Walley-Beckett Flesh and Bone “Scorched Earth”



Rebecca Miller Maggie’s Plan
Lorene Scafaria The Meddler
WINNER Amy Fox (Story and Screenplay by), Sarah Megan Thomas, Alysia Reiner, Amy Fox Equity
Maren Ade Toni Erdmann



WINNER The Eagle Huntress (Sony Pictures Classics) Director: Otto Bell, Producers: Otto Bell, Sharon Chang, Stacey Reiss; Executive Producers: Jeremy Chilnick, Dan Cogan, Barbara Dobkin, Susan MacLaury, Daisy Ridley, Regina Kulik Scully, Marc H. Simon, Morgan Spurlock

Women of Honor with Special Guests Michelle Obama and Jill Biden (Lifetime) Director: Mary Robertson; Produced by Left/Right.; Executive Producers: Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver, Anneka Jones; Mary Donahue, Danielle Carrig, Sarah Thompson (Lifetime); Co-Executive Producers: Mary Robertson. Eli Lehrer

Dark Horse (Sony Pictures Classics) Director: Louise Osmond; Producer: Judith Dawson.  EP: Julian Ware, Lizzie Francke, Anna Higgs, Anna Miralis, Adam Partridge

He Named Me Malala (Fox Searchlight) ,(National Geographic Channel) Director: Davis Guggenheim; Producers Davis Guggenheim, Laurie MacDonald, Walter F. Parkes ; Executive Producer / Line Producer: Shannon Dill; Executive Producers: Jeff Skoll, Mohamed Al Mubarak, Michael Garin; Production Supervisor: Sarah Regan; Field Producers: Gina Nemirofsky, Holly Elson, Monica Hampton, Deborah McTaggart; Archival Producer: Samantha Polan; Associate Producers: Shiza Shahid, David Diliberto



Gina Matthews, Teri Weinberg, Saints & Strangers
WINNER Jessica Goldberg, Michelle Lee The Path
Bridget Carpenter 11.23.63 “The Rabbit Hole”
Stacey Reiss, Sharon Chang The Eagle Huntress



WINNER Isabelle Huppert Elle
Anna Gunn Equity
Emma Suarez Julieta
Adriana Ugarte Julieta



EQUITY (Sony Pictures Classics) Writers: Amy Fox (Screenplay), Sarah Megan Thomas, Alysia Reiner, Amy Fox (Story By); Director: Meera Menon; Producers: Sarah Megan Thomas, Alysia Reiner; Executive Producer: Candy Straight; Co-Producers:  Susan Bevan, Barbara Byrne, Suzanne Ordas Curry, Anthony Daddino, Salima Habib,Cecilia Herbert, David Hoffman, Audrey McNiff, Linda Zwack Munger, Linnea Roberts, Christine Toretti, Larry Weitzner

ELLE (Sony Pictures Classics) Director: Paul Verhoeven; Writers: David Burke, (Screenplay), Philippe Djian (Based On The Novel “OH”); Producers: Michel Merkt, Saïd Ben Saïd; Co-Producers: Thanassis Karathanos, Kate Merkt, Diana Elbaum, Sébastien Delloye, François Touwaide

WINNER JULIETA (Sony Pictures Classics) Writers: Alice Munro (Based on "Destination", "Soon" and "Silence From"), Pedro Almodóvar (Screenplay); Director: Pedro Almodóvar; Producers: Agustín Almodóvar, Esther García; Associate Producers: Diego Pajuelo, Bárbara Peiró

THE MEDDLER (Sony Pictures Classics) Writers: Lorene Scafaria; Director: Lorene Scafaria; Producer: Joy Gorman Wettels; Executive Producers: Steve Golin, Paul Green, Shea Kammer, Susan Sarandon

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