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1999 WIN Awards


Best Short Film
SUNSPOTS ["Sonneflecken"] TRT: 25 min. (English Subtitles)

Director/ Script: Barbara Albert Cinematography: Christine A. Maier Sound: Fritz Noltmann, Wolfgang Mayr Music: Bruno Pisek, Heinz Ditsch Editing: Julia Pontiller Sound Editing: Wolfgang Widerhofer Art Director: Mona Quintus, Karin Macher Production Manager: Ursula Wolschlager, Tim Cupal, Sandra Gigerl
Cast: Kathrin Resetarits, Nina Proll, Una Wipplinger, Victor Tremmel, Alexander Tarzi, Emilie Zsoldos, Kuno Leu, Werner Lndsgesell, Norbert Fassl

A visual feast, created by a new, distinct filmmaker, Barbara Albert, whose recently completed feature film has just been selected by the Venice Film Festival. An Austrian native, Barbara describes her film in her own words: "Rhythm of the heart· Two young women live with little Angie somewhere on the edge of the city. What do they expect from life? The film is a filigreed weave of the commonplace gesture and small acts of flight. Ildiko dreams of hot-blooded pirates. She wants to leave. Uschi stares up at the sky. She will stay. "In 200 years people will be living on Mars, or perhaps they won't. Everything is possible. The various events flow seamlessly into one another and tell of the imponderability of growing up-dreams and unfulfilled expectations, work and frustration but the music allows us to dance above it all".

Best Documentary Film

Director: Paola di Florio Cinematographer: Peter Rader Editor: Ellen Goldwater Producers: Paola di Florio, Lilibet Foster Original Score: Karen Childs Associate Producers: Cindy Rosenberg, Juli Du Brow, Elizabeth Rodgers Additional Editing: Arthur Klein Additional Camera: David Safian Assistant Editors: Manny Madla, Jud Pratt, Diego Rivera, Dorenen O'Malley, Frank Strauss, Eric Fried, Byron Thompson Production Associates: Carolyn Palmer, Mae Libanel, Heather Maidat.

SPEAKING IN STRINGS profiles the controversial world-renown violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg. An enormously funny, fearless and irreverent individual, Nadja has played on every major stage and with every major orchestra in the world. Her unorthodox, passionate delivery, her swagger and unconventional attire earned her the nickname "·the bad girl of the violin·" Described as "possessed," "frightening" and "brilliant," her unique interpretations of timeless classics have both enraged and enraptured critics and audiences in numerous television show, including "The Tonight Show: Starring Johnny Carson," "60 Minutes" and "The Charlie Rose Show," among others.

This intimate character study spotlights Nadja's fascinating life as soloist and recording artist, while unveiling the truth about how the violin saved her life. The director, Paola di Floria and Nadja grew up together in New Jersey, and it is this personal connection that gives "Speaking in Strings" its intimate perspective. The film follows Nadja through the pressures and glory of her professional life, yet delves beyond her public persona in to the riveting, unknown story of how Nadja struggled to confront her personal demons.

SPEAKING IN STRINGS is a moving and often humorous story about one of the most unique gifted classical musician in the world. It is also the story about one individual, who is part-genius and part-maverick, to overcome her inner turmoil and succeed in a world bout by convention. Ultimately it speaks about a universal story; that of the human spirit's constant need to redefine its purpose, regardless of barriers, age or status in life.

Feature Film
VALERIE FLAKE TRT: 90 min. Director: John Putch, Producer: Julie Philips, Writer: Robert Tilem Cast: Susan Traylor (SLEEP WITH ME, THE NEW AGE, BASTARD OUT OF CAROLINA, A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT), Jay Underwood (AFTERGLOW, POSSUMS, and the upcoming DEAD DOGS), Christina Pickles (FRIENDS, St. ELSEWHERE), Peter Michael Goetz (FATHER OF THE BRIDE), Rosemary Forsyth, Robert Romanus, and Ann Gillespie.

VALERIE FLAKE (Susan Traylor) is an attractive, embittered woman with a sardonic wit and a purposely-aloof manner. She has a sharp sense of humor, but underneath her droll exterior Valerie harbors a lot of pain that she doesn't know how to deal with. Valerie was devastated when her husband died tragically, and she has had trouble coping with the loss-partly because she feels indirectly responsible.

Since then, Valerie has drifted through life, working days in a dead-end supermarket job (though previously she was a talented painter) and trying to relieve her loneliness through a succession of one-night stands. Valerie, desperately needing a change of pace, decides to travel to Palm Springs to visit her late-husband's parents. But while there, Valerie unexpectedly makes the acquaintance of Tim Darnell (Jay Underwood), a friendly super-market manager who has also had rough time in the romance department-and who seems to have every intention of taking their relationship as far as possible.

VALERIE FLAKE boldly shows the transformation of a woman who is slowly beginning to let love back into her life. A humorously refreshing drama that shows that a woman can remain strong and personable in the face of life's uncertainties.

Staged Screenplay Reading
THE WANTING by Paula Brancato Cast: Patrick Kilpatrick, Vince Schiavelli, Cassandra Gava, & more TBA

Screenplay Pitch Contestants
Gretchen Sommerfeld, Tom Silvestri, Valerie Red-Horse, Kathy Hotchner, Angie Day, Paula Brancato, Phyllis Miller, Michele Montgomery, Rocco J. Hindman, & Harri James

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