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The WIN Awards

Women's Image Network
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Telephone / FAX 310-229-5365
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The Women’s Image Awards (The WIN Awards) offer a variety of collaborative sponsorship and activation opportunities that can be customized to meet your marketing objectives.

The WIN Awards are the perfect event for brand activation and alignment with the entertainment industry.


Anchored by Women’s Image Network’s annual WIN Awards ceremony our 501C3 charity routinely creates media and public awareness campaigns to promote global gender parity, WIN produces free entertainment industry events (like film festivals, screenings and entertainment industry panel discussions) and produces film and television that advance its goals to “Foster A World Where EveryoneWINs”.

Drawing diverse guests from the worlds of film, fashion, the arts, business, and international society, these events consistently receive widespread media coverage.

Our sponsorship opportunities include a range of attractive benefits, such as:

The WIN Awards are not open to the general public and is an invitation-only event.
To secure attendance information please email WIN at (Info@TheWINAwards)
or telephone 310.229.5365.


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